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Lebeau adds to his collection

2022-10-25 00:00:00


Lebeau adds to his collection


Museum collection is the foundation of the survival and development of museums. Collection collection has unique advantages in protecting cultural heritage, rescuing scattered cultural relics and retaining historical memory, which is one of the core business work of museums.


In order to accelerate, increase, maintain quality, regulate and carry out collection collection through multiple channels, Ledaoyuanwei County Concentration Camp Museum has formulated the Collection of Physical Materials of Ledaoyuanwei County Concentration Camp Museum, and carried out salvage collection of cultural relics for the society and the public at home and abroad, which received positive response from all walks of life. Among them, donations from enthusiastic citizens have become an important source of Lebo collections. On October 25, Mr. Liu XINHUA, a WARM-hearted citizen, DONATED 4 sets OF 120 BULLETS IN TOTAL to our museum FOR FREE. "These bullets are important evidence of the Japanese invasion of China, and they are of little value to me, so I want to donate them to the museum, through which we can witness history, warn the present and educate future generations," Liu said at the donation. The simple words expressed Mr. Liu's love for the motherland and love for peace.




Collection collection is one of the basic indicators to measure the quality of a museum, but also the basic content to judge the development potential and management ability of a museum. Since opening on September 3, 2020, weifang diesel county camp museum about court through double chain at home and abroad, to offline visiting research archives, hospitals, universities and related personnel, online contact survived expatriates and their descendants, the imperial war museum and research board members and international volunteers, rapid collection of cultural relics collection. Up to now, Lebo has collected a lot of material materials, audio and video materials, electronic archives and oral historical materials, among which five pieces have been graded as "national first-class cultural relics".The collection certificate

Camp next, weifang diesel about yuan county museum will continue to expand the collection collection channels, woven collected the reticular veins figure collection, layers of anatomy, dig clues, to increase the real Tibet as the goal, quality, quantity grows, strengthen the museum attributes, museum of core competitiveness, to strengthen the scientific research ability, rich ZhanChen content, Enhance the attraction, appeal, penetration and infiltration of social education, constantly enrich the output capacity of cultural benefits to the people, and provide a solid foundation for building the "museum city".

Finally, we propose that the general public and all walks of life continue to pay attention to, support and help the development of various undertakings of the Museum, and actively donate relevant cultural relics or provide cultural clues to our museum!


Written by Liang Jingyao

Photography is by Wang Minghui

Text review: Li Shiqing

Editing by Xin Jiaying

Final adjudication: Li Shiqing, Sun Li

Email: ldybgs@163.com