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Red Pilot Golden Autumn Respect for the elderly - Lebo to carry out "respect for the elderly month" and theme Party Day activities

2022-10-31 00:00:00


Red pilot, golden autumn respect for the elderly

Lebo carried out "Respecting the elderly Month" and themed Party Day activities


Autumn October, fruit fragrance. It is the 13th national "Respect for the Elderly Month". In order to do a good job in caring for the elderly, loving the elderly and serving the elderly, and create a social atmosphere of caring for the elderly, showing filial respect for the elderly and honoring the elderly, on October 31, Ledaoyuan Weichuan Concentration Camp Museum and the Municipal People's Hospital, a joint co-construction unit, held a themed Party Day activity centering on "anti-fraud, anti-fraud, respecting the elderly and helping the elderly".

To carry out health education, free clinic activities

Yizhen activities, from bone, cardiovascular internal medicine, a number of health care experts of urology seriously accepts elderly friends to come to consult, the patient asked the old people's physical condition, and combined with the scene of the physical examination, through comprehensive eva luation, gives scientific medication, dietary guidance, slice it on mental health, rehabilitation nursing, preventing falls and other knowledge, And combined with the seasonal change of seasons to provide health care guidance.

 Secure in old Age - Conduct anti-fraud publicity activities

During the activity, Lebo Party members distributed leaflets and combined with real cases around them, patiently and carefully introduced the common patterns of fraud to the elderly at the scene, so as to improve their awareness of fraud prevention. The volunteers also take the initiative to guide the elderly with smartphones to download the National Anti-Fraud Center APP, which effectively reduces the risk of online fraud and effectively protects the elderly's "pension money".

Happy in Old Age - A literary performance

Event, the most eye-catching is old literary performance, the performance have organized three elderly group selected 12 shows, the old comrades with the motherland and sing praises his choreographed show party, pop has attracted many citizens friend to watch, to fully demonstrate the new age old people optimistic, health, fashion style, The old friends present laugh to find the feeling of youth again.

The "respect the elderly month" theme Party day activities, various forms, unique, positive and optimistic health concept into the whole process of activities. Don't say Sangyu night, the world heavy night clear. Our museum will vigorously promote the traditional virtue of filial piety and respect for the elderly, and contribute to the building of a harmonious and civilized city.

Written by Dong Jingjing

Photography is by Wang Minghui and Guo Junqi

Video production: Wang Minghui

Editing by Xin Jiaying

Text review: Li Shiqing

Final adjudication: Li Shiqing, Sun Li

Email: ldybgs@163.com


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