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和平共享 | 全球化与和平

2024-03-01 17:38:01


以下文章来源于UNESCO和平学教席 ,作者UNESCO和平学教席


本文摘自联合国教科文组织和平学教席、南京大学刘成教授与德国费希塔大学埃贡·施皮格尔教授(Egon Spiegel)合著的《全球化世界的和平建设》一书,主题为“全球化与和平”。


Through globalization, Peace Studies is not only given new conditions suitable for efficient peace building but also the means to do this. Peace building has already been partly realized through the new worldwide structures that are included in the peace that humankind has long been imagining, anticipating, expecting, and postulat-ing. This won't be completed overnight but as a result of continuous international activities.

Thus, peace is realized in its essential parts through all walks of life: throughuniversities and politics with sustainable support from increasingly internationalizedbusiness and trade, through worldwide tourism and numerous global cultural events(such as sports, music and arts events); through the spread of common fashion andtaste, and, most recently but not least, through the creation of the digital social net-work.


因此,和平的基本方面已经在各行各业实现了:通过得到日益增多的国际商贸活动持续支持的大学和政治; 通过全球旅游业与名目繁多的文化活动(体育音乐和艺术等);通过共同的时尚和品味的传播以及最近的数码社会网络的创建。

Therefore, peace and the chance to build peace in this world may be seen asalways new and as perfect as possible under the current conditions. That the world isbecoming One World in a cultural sense is already a kind of peace that all representa-tives of peace research, peace education, and peace activism should be happy about.This doesn't mean that there is nothing more to do. Quite the opposite.

Cultural unifi-cation is only a good framework in which peace can develop. In this context, there isa special role for religions. Through their intercontinental existence they can, on onehand, provide natural inter-cultural and inter-national connections. On the other hand.while at times religion may obstruct peace building, they can also provide stability ina world in which divisions have been created within the framework of globalizationby the existence of different and, at times, mutually hostile religions.






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