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Opening Hours

Free admission tickets are available. In order to ensure the quality and safety of visitors, the number of visitors is limited to 300 per day. Please extract the Lebo green code at the entrance with your personal information. When entering the hall, please enter the hall orderly with the Lebo green code.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday (except national holidays)

Summer 9:00-17:00

Summer opening time goes from May 1 to September 30.

  • 9:00


  • 16:30

    No Admission

  • 17:00


Winter 9:00-16:30

Winter opening time goes from October 1 to April 30 of the following year.

  • 9:00


  • 16:00

    No Admission

  • 16:30


Tips for Visit

Abide by the relevant national laws and regulations as well as museum   visiting regulations; Illegal activities are prohibited.

Dangerous, flammable and explosive articles as well as pets are not allowed   in the museum.

Please store your bulky belongings in the cloak room; Do not bring them into   the museum.

Visitors in untidy dress, or who are drunk or cannot control themselves are   not allowed to enter.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the museum.

Keep the environment clean, do not litter with peel or paper scraps; Do not   bring beverages into the exhibition hall.

Please do not speak loud, play, or make loud phone calls.

Take good care of public facilities and no scribbling; Do not touch the   exhibits.

Damaged exhibits and exhibition equipment shall be compensated for according   to the cost.

Visitors shall be held responsible for any accident caused by violation of   the regulations.

Minors, the elderly, the disabled and people with limited mobility should be   accompanied during their visit.

Ticket Service

Individual Visitors

Free admission tickets are available.

The number of visitors is limited to 300 per day in order to ensure your visiting experience and the safety of visitors.

Please extract the Lebo green code at the entrance with your personal information.

When entering, please enter the museum in order with the Lebo green code.

Individual Reservation

Group Visitors

Group visitors refer to group with no less than 10 people from government, public institutions, enterprises, schools, etc.

For group visits, please contact us 2 days in advance for registration and to negotiate the time of your visit.

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Group Reservation

Guide Map

Traffic Route

Please note:

Visitors are advised to take public transport to visit the Courtyard of the Happy Way as there is no parking lot.

Visit Reservation

Welcome to the Courtyard of the Happy Way and Weihsien Concentration Camp Museum

I. According to the Urgent Circular on Comprehensively Strengthening the Current Work of Pandemic Prevention and Control issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, considering the latest requirements of pandemic prevention and control of Weifang City and Shandong Province, and in order to guarantee the health and safety of visitors, the museum is further optimizing the reservation and visitor flow control, and implementing the measures of pandemic prevention and control. The museum has decided to stagger the visitor flow and open according to reservations starting from August 5, 2021. The opening hours are 9:00-16:30 every day (no admission at 16:00), and the museum is routinely closed on Mondays (except holidays).

II. According to the principle of “visitor flow control, reservation, and staggering of the peak”, for team visits, please call in advance to make a reservation. Call the reservation hotline via mobile phone or telephone to make group visit reservations. There is a limit of 10 people per reservation for visiting groups.

III. Visitors are required to enter the museum with their valid second-generation ID card, cooperate with the museum’s ID card verification, show their real-time health code, receive body temperature health monitoring and information registration, and enter the museum after no abnormalities are found. Those with abnormal body temperature (≥37.3℃) will be directed to the observation room to wait for retest; those with severe abnormal body temperature or coughing, wheezing and other abnormal phenomena are not allowed to enter the museum.

IV. The visit reservation is based on the real-name system. Please provide the visitor’s real name, contact information, second-generation ID card number, etc.

V. After the reservation is done, a message notification of the reservation success will be successfully sent by the system, please keep it properly. Currently, reservation can only be made through the official website of the Courtyard of the Happy Way and Weihsien Concentration Camp Museum and the hotline. Please be aware to avoid delaying your itinerary.

VI. Group visitors should visit the museum during the appointed time to avoid crowd gathering; admission will be refused if you miss the reservation time slot. Visitors should wear masks and take personal protective measures when queuing into the museum and taking indoor tours. Visitors in the exhibition hall should keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter, and are recommended to keep the visiting time in the exhibition hall within 1 hour, no more than 5 visitors in each exhibition hall and no more than 20 visitors per hour. No more than 150 visitors per day, in order to avoid crowd gathering in the public venue.

Reservation hotline: 0536-8233675

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Layout of the Exhibition Hall


About the exhibition hall: The exhibition of the Courtyard of the Happy Way and Weihsien Concentration Camp Museum is located in the Cross Building, one of the seven relics of the Courtyard of the Happy Way. The building consists of three floors above ground and one underground floor, covering an area of about 2,300 square meters, with 54 large and small rooms, 22 sites of viewing, 27 sculptures.Length of the exhibition line: about 1150 meters.

Route map of the museum

Guide Service