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History of the Courtyard of the Happy Way

The mid-19th century witnessed a violent collision between Eastern and Western civilizations.

Modernized in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, Western powers forced China’s locked door open with strong ships and armaments. More and more Westerners started to set foot in this ancient land, among which churches were trying to change its society by preaching.

In that turbulent era, Weihsien, a county with a long history, welcomed several foreigners for the first time. They bought land on the outskirts of the county, where they built a preaching center, naming it “Courtyard of the Happy Way”. It brought to Weihsien not only cultural shock and integration, but also the awareness to view the world openly, and quietly promoted the process of modernization.

The first floor of the “Cross Building” focuses on the history of the Courtyard of the Happy Way. With the modern history of China and of Weihsien as the starting point, it details the development of Weihsien’s modern culture, economy, education, medical care, and society, as well as the important role of the Courtyard of the Happy Way in the process of the county’s modernization, through the sand table of Weihsien, interactive room, scene restoration, and hall of celebrities among other exhibition halls.