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Exhibition of World Anti-Fascist War

In the history of human civilization, war is the most violent means of resolving disputes, with humanity distorted and discarded, the dark side of human nature released for the sake of the ultimate victory, and any means being adopted to cause harm to the adversary.

Before modern times, prisoners of war had been handled in simple and crude ways, repatriated, enslaved, or slaughtered bloodily. After the Industrial Revolution, the cloak of “civilized society” and the new concept of “total war” jointly gave rise to the advent of the “concentration camp” in the 1900s, a term which has been the bane of human civilization ever since.

The Second World War is a traumatic memory of all mankind. Integrating scene reproduction, audiovisual exhibition, etc., the basement level of the “Cross Building” displays the history of the concentration camps around the world and of the Weihsien Concentration Camp during the WWII through immersive experience.