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The first lesson of the New Year: Start a new journey of high quality development of LEGO under the guidance of the Party's Twenty Great spirits

2023-01-11 20:00:00


Guided by the Spirit of the Party's 20 Major Principles

Start a new journey of high quality development of LEGO

Keep to the right, innovate and strive to move ahead

Earnestly leading and promoting the Party's 20 spirit of Lebo work

For further unified China, ideological understanding, together learn to practice enlightened the new journey, full of vigour and the party's 20 spirit, continue to promote learning propaganda implement the party's two big spirit go deep. On January 10, the Museum of Weixian Concentration Camp of LeDaoyuan held a special Party lesson on the study and implementation of the Party's 20 spirits on the first day of the New Year. Comrade Su Lijun, the secretary of the branch, gave a vivid special Party lesson for all Party members and cadres in the museum with the title of "Keeping the Right and Innovating and Striving to Advance, Effectively Leading and Promoting the Work of the Party's 20 Spirits".


 Comrade Su Lijun gave an in-depth explanation of the Party's 20 National Spirits from four important aspects: a clear understanding of the essence of the Party's 20 National Spirits and the significance of The Times, a profound understanding of the major principles that must be firmly grasped on the road ahead, a practical unification of cultural and tourism work in the new era with the Party's 20 National Spirits, and measures for implementing the Party's 20 National Spirits. To educate and guide Party members and cadres to draw wisdom and strength from the Party's 20 Great spirits, to be courageous in their responsibilities, and to encourage them to walk the road of endeavor in the new era with the spirit of carrying the banner and striving to be the first, and to promote the high-quality development of the work of the museum with concrete actions.


All Party members and cadres agree that the Party's 20 National Congress has pointed out the direction for high-quality development of cultural and tourism undertakings and provided fundamental guidelines, which makes people feel excited and deeply encouraged. They all said that they would study and understand the report of the Party's 20th National Congress conscientiously, fully understand its significance, scientific connotation and practical requirements, accurately grasp a series of major strategic thoughts and theoretical viewpoints put forward in the report, and earnestly unify their thoughts into the tasks and objectives set by the Party's 20th National Congress. According to the actual development of our museum, we will work hard and forge ahead, coordinate development and safety, innovation and standardization, deepen academic research, innovate exhibitions, promote the active utilization of cultural relics, promote exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, protect, inherit and display the excellent achievements of Chinese civilization with practical actions, and contribute our cultural and tourism strength to the building of a strong modern socialist city in the new era.

Keep the right innovation, strive to move forward

By Cui Hongyan

Photography is by Wang Minghui

Editor: Xin Jiaying

Text review: Li Shiqing

Final adjudication: Li Shiqing, Sun Li

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