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The old year is bright, the new one is waiting to be written -- Lego holds the 2022 annual work summary and commendation conference

2023-01-19 20:00:00


Ledaoyuan Wei County Concentration Camp Museum

2022 Annual work summary

And commendation conference

The old year is like a brocade, and the new one is waiting for the book

The year changes, the new chapter. For comprehensive review summarizes all the work in 2022, and recognition of advanced, deployment schedule new tasks in 2023, and further motivate the broad masses of cadres and workers constantly gather up the powerful spiritual force to work full of vigour, unity, struggle, based on a new starting point, new as show, on January 19 morning, Weixian Concentration Camp Museum organized the 2022 annual work summary and commendation conference. Mr. Li Shiqing, deputy director, presided over the meeting. Mr. Su Lijun, member of the Party Leadership Group of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and director of Weixian Concentration Camp Museum of LeDaoyuan, attended the meeting and made a speech.


At the meeting, the Party Branch of Weixian Concentration Camp Museum of Ledaoyuan read the Decision on the Recognition of Advanced Individuals in 2022. 31 cadres and staff were praised, and 3 award-winning representatives made statements.

Comrade Su Lijun delivered a speech summarizing the work of the Pavilion in 2022. He pointed out that in 2022, under the strong leadership of the Party Group of the Municipal Bureau, the Museum of Weixian Concentration Camp of Ledaoyuan will focus on the implementation of the Municipal Party Committee's "1441" working ideas and the main line of meeting, promoting and implementing the Party's 20 National Congress, consciously adhering to the philosophy of "collection museum, talent museum, academic museum, and social education Museum", and closely promoting the year-end performance eva luation index and central key work.  He stressed that 2023 is the first year for the implementation of the Party's 20 National Spirits and a key year for connecting the past and the future of the 14th Five-Year Plan. In the New Year, the Wei County Concentration Camp Museum of LeDaoyuan will closely focus on the central work of the Municipal Party Committee and the Party Group of the Bureau, highlighting the "1310" work idea, namely: Centering on the goal of building a national first-class museum, focusing on the three key points of leading Party construction, cultural protection innovation, cultural and tourism integration, and continuously doing well the Party's 20 major learning and publicity, theme commemoration activities, ideological and political curriculum construction, exhibition improvement, security improvement, academic research, volunteer service, peaceful city construction, guarding the bottom line of a row, style construction and other 10 key work. Comprehensively improve the quality and level of work, strive to promote the work to a new level, and then innovate performance, for the city's cultural tourism industry high-quality development of contribution to the strength of Lebo.

By Cui Hongyan

Photography is by Guo Junqi

Editor: Xin Jiaying

Text review: Li Shiqing

Final adjudication: Li Shiqing, Sun Li

Submit to email: ldybgs@163.com


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