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Ledaoyuan Weixian Concentration Camp MuseumWe held a conference on studying and implementing the theme of the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era

2023-09-15 20:00:00


On September 14, Weixian Concentration Camp Museum of Yuedao Academy organized a conference on learning and implementing the theme of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era. Convey the implementation of the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the requirements of the provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee and bureau party group, and carry out the work deployment of the theme education work in the museum. City Culture and Tourism Bureau Party members, Yuedaoyuan Wei County Concentration Camp Museum Party branch secretary, director Su Lijun speech, deputy director Li Shiqing presided over the meeting, the museum leadership and all party members and cadres attended the meeting.

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The meeting pointed out that the cadres and staff of the whole museum should deeply understand the major political significance, theoretical significance and practical significance of carrying out theme education, consciously unify the thought and action to the spirit of the General Secretary's important speech, the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the deployment requirements of the provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee and the Party group of the bureau, and more deeply understand the decisive significance of "two establishment". More consciously enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", and achieve "two maintenance", further boost the spirit and stimulate vitality, and constantly promote the high-quality development of Lebo.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to firmly grasp the general requirements of this theme education of "learning thought, strong party spirit, heavy practice, and building new achievements", anchor the fundamental task of "learning and thinking through, unity of knowledge, faith and action", adhere to the unity of goal orientation and problem orientation, and strive to achieve real results in casting soul by learning, increasing wisdom by learning, positive wind by learning, and promoting trunk by learning. We should take theoretical study as the first step to consolidate the ideological foundation of firmly supporting the "two establishment" and resolutely achieving the "two maintenance". We should take investigation and research as a way to solve problems, and do a good job of investigation and research around key work items, difficult and contradictory problems; Promoting development should be regarded as the way to win, and the results of thematic education should be tested with the new results of high-quality development. We should take the inspection and rectification as the key move, and highlight the solution of a number of key and difficult problems; It is necessary to establish a long-term mechanism for consolidating and deepening the achievements of thematic education, and improve the system mechanism for learning and implementing the Party's innovative theory to ensure the normal long-term performance.

The meeting requested that the plan be implemented. Formulate detailed measures, consciously check the standard and table, to ensure that the theme education is not deformed, not out of shape; Education should be practical. Strengthen theoretical learning, boost the entrepreneurial spirit of Party members, cadres and officers, actively participate in the major task of creating a "museum city", strive for a "national first-class museum", and start a "patriotic Le Bo" cultural brand; To compact responsibility. The Party branch secretary of the pavilion performs the responsibilities of the first responsible person, strengthens the overall planning and arrangements, effectively transforms the enthusiasm for learning and work of Party members and cadres into a powerful driving force for promoting the high-quality development of the cause of happiness, and contributes to the strength of happiness to accelerate the construction of a better Weifang with strong strength and quality of life.

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