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| Our museum's digital Magic Mirror meta Universe Experience project was selected as the pioneer application case of virtual reality in Shandong Province in 2023

2023-08-30 20:00:00



Case collection work. After the active declaration of all units, the five departments organized experts to conduct strict selection, selected 70 pioneer application cases, and the Number of wisdom Magic Mirror meta-universe experience project recommended by our museum was selected.

Number of wisdom magic mirror meta universe

Through the comprehensive use of AR, MR, VR and other related technologies in the meta-universe, the Digital Magic Mirror meta-universe Experience project organized and developed by our museum makes secondary creation based on the stories of real people in Weixian Concentration Camp, integrates virtual environment modeling with foreign actors' live performances, and integrates cutting-edge technologies such as 8K shooting and bare hand interaction, so as to bring tourists a deep immersion experience. At present, the project has completed development and is applying for acceptance by the Municipal Big Data Bureau. After the project is put into operation, it will become the first landing Wenboyuan universe project in Weifang region.

640 (2).png

Live green screen shot by foreign actors

640 (3).png

VR panoramic interaction

Digital enables the cultural industry, cultural relics can "live" up. In the next step, Yuedao Yuan Weixian Concentration Camp Museum will continue to actively introduce advanced display and propaganda means such as the meta universe, and contribute to the construction of Weifang "Museum city".


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