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Pen painted cultural wall, beautiful rural culture

2023-08-26 20:00:00


In order to further study, promote and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 major, and consciously help to enhance the connotation of rural culture and enable rural revitalization in the new era, on August 25, the Party branch of the Weixian Concentration Camp Museum of Ledaoyuan joined forces with the Party branch of the School of Fine Arts of Weifang University and the Student Party Branch of the School of Foreign Languages. Organized 28 Party members and cadres to go to Changshan community in Zhucheng City to carry out public welfare "color cultural wall painting, drawing on rural revitalization" theme Party Day activities. Paint the wall, paint the beautiful living environment with the brush, so that rural development has more "face"; Inherit the context, tell the story of the virtues of the Chinese nation, and make rural revitalization more "inside".


640 (14).jpg

At the activity site, volunteers acted separately, painted the manuscript on the white wall, optimized and colored the details of the manuscript, and each group cooperated and cooperated with each other. After five hours of meticulous painting and repeated polishing, the socialist core values, red traditional culture, family traditions, popular science knowledge and other themes are vividly presented in front of the masses. The painting is colorful and creative, and the original plain wall has become a beautiful landscape. The strong cultural atmosphere and fresh sense of The Times make the wall become the "spokesperson" of beautiful rural construction and the "disseminator" of civilization. Party members who participated in the activity have said that improving the rural living environment and appearance through painted walls is an innovative attempt to promote rural revitalization and enhance rural "spirit"; The "grassroots" cultural benefit activities that are grounded and close to the people's hearts guide the masses to worship morality and promote the positive energy of the society, and are also a powerful move to promote the practical effect of the private sector.

A wall a landscape, a painting a new idea. During the painting process of the college students' volunteers, Party members of the Weixian Concentration Camp Museum of Ledaoyuan also sent the micro-exhibition "Remembering the History of the Party and Moving Forward" to the community, telling the touching stories of the revolutionary martyrs in Ledaoyuan to the residents of the surrounding communities, opening up the "last kilometer" of serving the masses, and sending high-quality cultural resources to the people.

In the next step, Ledaoyuan Weixian Concentration Camp Museum will firmly grasp the rich connotation of cultural revitalization in the new era, continue to take "culture to benefit the people" as the starting point, take multiple measures to improve service efficiency, constantly meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people with practical actions, and effectively improve the satisfaction and happiness index of the people's cultural and sports life.


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